The Indian Creek Women's Golf Club (ICWGC) is a membership of ladies who love to play golf. Our goal is to enrich the membership experience at the ICWGC while learning and enjoying the lifetime game of golf. The ICWGC offers a mix of golf events throughout the season that fosters encouragement, participation, fellowship and enjoyment of the game of golf.  We encourage you to contact the Indian Creek Pro Shop at 916-652-5546 or Kerry Vas Dias, our Membership Chair, at 916-521-4712, for more information about our club.  Thank you in advance for your interest in the Indian Creek Women's Golf Club!!

Karen Peterson


​​News from the 1st tee

  • ​​Time for the St. Patrick's Day Tournament on 3/14/18.  A day of Wearing of the Green
the Art of friendship &  Golf

Birthdays For March

More than just a golf club

2018 Club Officers


Say Goodbye to the Best Ball 4-Some and Hello to our next fun event.  Our St. Patrick's Day Tournament is just around the corner.   It is an opportunity to introduce your friends to our club and the great times we enjoy.  Round up a group and participate in a relaxing game.   Don't forget your significant other is also invited to play in this tournament if they would like.   Also, don't forget to be WEARING THE GREEN on that day.  Don't want to get pinched   Sign ups continue this Wednesday, 2/28/18, so get your partners and sign up.  Will be a fun tournament.  Just be sure to look out for leprechauns out there on the course.  They may just have pots of gold.

Looking forward to seeing you on the course especially all of you that we haven't had the pleasure of seeing out there recently.  Welcome back MaryAnn Horton and Jan Atwood.

REMEMBER:  The first golfing day of March begins our 9:00 am Shotgun tee offs.

Karyn Hinnebusch


We wish you the very best birthday ever. May every wish come true. "Happy Birthday to all of our golf buddies!"

For February, 2018:     Anna Nelson, Ann Johnson, Francine Foerster,  Annette Downing, Maureen Senn, Stacy Lugo, Colleen Voet.